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21th Lecture - Politics of Regional Architecture for Peace, Prosperity and Freedomin the Digital Era with Dr. Nobuhiro Aizawa

Date: Friday, 29 September 2023

Time: 14.00 - 16.00 GMT+7

Platform: Hybrid (In-person at Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Jakarta and online on Zoom Meeting and Youtube Livestream)

Speaker: Dr. Nobuhiro Aizawa, Associate Professor of Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University

Moderator: Yanuar Rahmadan from Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Jakarta

25 years of journey: The Development of Southeast Asian Society

I look at these three things, prosperity, safety, and freedom. Maybe you have studied social contract theory, about the purpose of the state. What is it for? First is to make you wealthy. Second, to make your life safe. And also to make your life free. But to have three is extremely difficult. I don't just look at economic development. I don't look at just freedom of speech. I don't look at safety only. I look at three combinations. So from that angle, we have to look at how people pursue it. And people will change things. People will use different tools to pursue that goal.

Source of Legitimacy

The source of legitimacy is now very transnational. You cannot isolate yourself with the other environment. You cannot say, like, if the world is talking about economic development and you just talk about safety, I think it doesn't win the hearts and the minds of your people. When it comes to politics, I think there is very little barrier between domestic politics and international politics.

Surveillance Capitalism and Surveillance State

Have you heard about this? Milk Tea Alliances? This is when Thailand was having a civil movement against the military junta and the civil society has been hacked by the Pegasus spywares by the military junta and being silenced and so they have to have an alliance with other countries with India, Hong Kong and Taiwan. What this says is that every country, when you want to seek accountability to the power holders, the strategy has to be now transnational.


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