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13th Lecture - Green Economy with Dr. Naoko Ishii

Date: Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Time: 09.00 - 10.30 GMT+7

Platform: Zoom Meetings & Youtube Livestream

Speaker: Dr. Naoko Ishii, Director of Center for Global Commons, University of Tokyo

Moderator: Dr. Abdul Rahim Abdul Samad, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Planetary Boundaries

In 2009, scientists led by Johan Rockstorm came up with the idea of “planetary boundaries” and have identified 9 important planetary processes to keep the earth as stable and resilient. They try to measure where we are – remains a human being – against the tipping point of the important earth system or process. In this situation, we had a very precarious situation because then several important ecological systems had been kind of either very close and already exceeded the tipping points that the scientists identified key ecological systems and they also found that they are very much linked.

Risk of “Hothouse Earth” Situation

The hothouse earth situation where the sea level rises, the temperature continues to increase, the land becomes drier, and a quite number of our systems will be broken. In this situation, it is important for us to think about how to stabilize our system. It’s actually not only the planetary scientists, but the businessmen and policymakers who are equally concerned these days. A global risk report which is published every year reveals that for the last 10 years, environmental related risks have started to be seen as their business risk.

Global Commons Stewardship

There are several key principles or governing rules for the community to govern those commonly approved resources. The important thing is that there should be a sense of belonging and goodwill from the community to not govern it. I believe it’s entirely possible if the people do understand and follow the rule to their own interest.

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