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2nd Lecture - Political Science with Prof. Akihiko Tanaka

Date: Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Time: 08.00 - 10.00 GMT+7

Platform: Zoom Meetings & Youtube Livestream

Speaker: Prof. Akihiko Tanaka, National Graduate Studies Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

Moderator: Dr. Rabi’ah Aminudin, International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM)

Audience: Total of 2,531 participants from Southeast Asian countries

Lecture Topic

Building Indo-Pacific Cooperation in 21st Century Asia

It is very important to pay attention to hard facts of geopolitics, but given the potentials of the Indo-Pacific, we need to explore together where we can cooperate.

  1. The economic areas. In terms of quality of life, further development is necessary for many countries, and it should be a sustainable one. In addition to the simple measure of GDP statistics, we need to consider various targets expressed in the SDGs when we plan future collaboration in the Indo-Pacific region.

  2. The mortality of children under five. In many countries, more than 25 out of 1000 children die before they reach 5 years old. To reduce extreme poverty and improve health conditions, basic infrastructure such as safe water, paved roads, and electricity are essential. Some Indo-Pacific countries have recent experiences in improving such conditions, so by collaborating with other countries which are still struggling, Indo-Pacific countries can offer suggestions, advice, and help.

  3. Climate change. Unless China and the US reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly, the climate crisis cannot be avoided. Climate-related natural disasters appear to become more and more frequent. Disaster risk reduction can be a very important area of cooperation.

  4. Infrastructure. In addition to basic infrastructure, large-scale infrastructures such as ports, airports, and railways are also important for further cooperation in the Indo-Pacific. China can contribute to the development of the Indo-Pacific region under its scheme of Belt and Road Initiative. As long as it is conducted in a transparent manner with full consideration of not increasing the debt burden of the recipient country and without discriminating other parties, Chinese efforts also can become an integral element of the Indo-Pacific element.

  5. Preservation of ocean resources, protection of maritime environment, preservation of forests, and protection of biodiversity


SEA Lecture Hall - 2nd Lecture Full Report
Download PDF • 7.11MB

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